Delivery & Payment Information

Payment Terms Information [Explanation of the Payment Method]

Minimum Order of $200 for free delivery.
Delivery Date if not specified by the customer, is usually within 1 - 2 days upon placing order.
Exact date of delivery and timing will be notified via email reply from the Company after order is confirmed.

Please take extra note to check on the Billing Address and Delivery Address under the Shopping Cart Summary to confirm the details are correct to avoid complications in the Order.

Cash on Collection

Orders submitted via Cash on Collection, simply need to prepare the Cash once the order is accepted and prepared by the Company for your collection.
You may specify the Collection Date accordingly in the "Leave a Message" column under the "Self-collection" option.
Collection Date and Time will be on -
Mon - Fri 10AM to 4PM
Sat - 10AM to 1.00PM
Sun - 1PM to 4PM
Collection Address : 5029 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 #01-141 Singapore 569532

Cash on Delivery

Cash on Delivery is the simplest method of payment for delivery.
Simply prepare the Cash payment and pass it to the Company's Driver once the stock is delivered.
Upon clicking the Cash of Delivery option, your order status will be under pending status until my company confirms the Order with the Requested Quantity and Products checked.
Confirmation of order will be sent via email reply.

Pay by Cheque

Payment by Cheque is only for Corporate Company only.
Cheque should be Issued and Cross to -
Teck Leong PTE LTD

Please take note that Personal Order will always be Cash upon delivery unless otherwise arranged / spoken with the Company's personel.
Cheque is usually not accepted for Personal Order and Credit Term is rejected.

Credit Term

The Following Organisation is allowed for Credit Term of 30days - 45days so long that the Respective Organisation approve of the purchases made by the authorized personel(s).

1) All Government Sectors
2) People's Association / All Community Centres
3) National University of Singapore
4) Nanyang Technological University
5) Singapore Management University
6) Singapore Institute of Management
7) All Government Polytechnics.
The Invoice will need to be endorsed with the Organisation Stamp upon delivery to facilitate Credit Term

Credit Term for other Organisations not listed above are subjected to case by case basis which is usually not accepted for New Customer unless otherwise arranged.
You may click on the Credit Term payment method, Order will be hence under pending status.

Confirmation from the Company will be given upon receiving the order in whether to approve or reject. Should the Credit Term be rejected, it will either be Cash or Cheque upon delivery only.
Regardless, The buyer will definitely be notified of the Status of your order, If necessary, the Company will drop the buyer a call on the particular order request.

Credit Term arrangement is not provided to Nanyang Technological University.

Credit Term request for Self-collection [ Should the order not hit $200.00 ] under the Approved Organisation(s) stated above

Should the mentioned approved organisation(s) not hit my minimum delivery requirement.
Simply click the Self-collection Option and Payment via Credit Term under the Shopping Cart Summary.
After which, you need to bring along the Organisation stamp to endorse on the invoice upon collection at the company's store itself @ 5029 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 #01-141 Singapore 569532.

E-Invoice via

E-Invoice is only applicable for Government School / Sectors which uses the Billing platform for which will be under Credit Term of 30 - 45days.

PayNow Via Mobile

You have to login via internet banking and select PayNow for fund transfer. The mobile details will be provided when you are checking out your order under payment method.